College Truths in Life is Strange (Gaming Journal 5)

Another week of grappling with Life is Strange has come and gone. I am still playing through Episode 2, as the game takes a long time to play and I am not particularly motivated, nor am I actually “good” at the game. I’ve had lower lows with Life is Strange though, so I would say that I’m still moving in an upward trajectory with the gaming process. Maybe.

What has struck me the most while playing this week is the connection to college life. I probably could have done a better job in picking a game that doesn’t hit so close to my current life status, but it is somewhat jarring sometimes to play through tough conversations or sad narratives. I think that it adds to the game though, in evoking emotion and driving the plot forward. It’s also neat to play as a character that I resonate with, even if the game has an air of negativity or the plot points are unsettling. I think the use of the dorms is really cool in this episode because it creates an atmosphere I am familiar with and college kids have their whole lives in their dorm rooms. Walking into someone’s room can be a very personal or vulnerable experience for some people. I like the realism attached to the game in those instances.

On the note of the plot though, I still find it tedious to balance playing through conversations and having to take pictures or be task-driven in general. I’ve mentioned before that I would prefer to experience the game as a TV show or something, which still holds true. It seems like I kind of forget that I’m navigating the game instead of just experiencing it, so I still get frustrated with the concept of having to further myself in the game. It’s not as bad as it was in the beginning, but it still makes playing feel like a job. That feeling mixed with my lack of attention span and stress from other courses causes me to have trouble with sitting down to play the game. I will say though, this episode has been more interesting to me, probably due to the connections of the dorms and conversations.

I’ll keep slowly but steadily playing along, hoping that this episode will hold my attention and be an interesting experience.



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