Ending Inside — Gaming Journal 5

As the semester is drawing to a close, the time has come for me to end my Inside saga. It is no secret that I did not get very far into this game, due to my impatient nature and terrible video game skills, but I think I still had a valuable experience with Inside.

Throughout this half of the semester, I have been raving about the aesthetic and sound design of the game. I stand by the raving. I think that the sounds make the game really compelling and interesting without using cheap shots, like suspenseful music or jump scares. I was originally excited about the game because I loved the art style and aesthetic of Limbo, and while Inside is very different, the ominous energy and subtle beauty still come through in the same way. I’ve enjoyed these aspects of the game a lot more than the actual gameplay.

I also found using Inside for my close playing really interesting and exciting. I was able to dig into concepts of the game that I hadn’t thought too much about. I was also able to connect parts of the game that I hadn’t considered before, like the way that the sound design plays into themes of mind control and mental processes.

As I experienced with Life is Strange, Inside has shown me a lot of character flaws in that I recognize how impatient and pessimistic I can be. I think that I am simply not built to enjoy video games, and that is okay, but I can appreciate the messages built into them and the mental energy they take to play. I feel more connected to gaming culture from this class and the actual experience of playing games, so I am thankful to have had the structure of this class as an opportunity to learn about myself and modern experiences that many people are a part of.



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