Inside The Decision to Play “Inside” — Gaming Journal 1

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Hello and welcome back to my gaming journal. For this week’s post, I figured I would talk about which new game I’m going to choose for my journal and why. Let’s set the scene, shall we?

I took Intro to Digital Studies in a previous semester. We did a little unit on video games and my professor assigned us to play Limbo. Now, this sounded vaguely familiar, as my brother frequently received copies of Game Informer back in the day, and I would flip through them to look at the pictures, obviously. Anyways, I went to look up a trailer for Limbo on YouTube and my brain exploded because I had definitely watched my brother play the game before, and not only that, but I had also definitely actually played the game before myself. Crazy, I know.

So with this riveting background information in mind, obviously I couldn’t play Limbo because I’ve already experienced it a time or two. That being said though, I had absolutely no idea that Inside existed. When we watched the trailer in class, my mind was boggled. The graphics looked sick and I really liked Limbo when I encountered it before, so I pretty much knew then and there that Inside would be the victim of my gaming journal for this half of the semester. I am looking forward to researching Limbo some more (I know there are some peculiar ideas about its ending) and I’m excited to look for connections between the games. I know it’s not like a sequel sequel, but I am excited about it nonetheless. I feel like that’s important too, as I really was not down with Life is Strange. It was too much and not enjoyable. Inside, however, feels much more my speed. Of course, I could be speaking too soon, but we’ll hope for the best.

My plan is to try and play it through the Inside app on my phone. I’m not sure how the mechanics work yet, but I’m hoping that it will be convenient and pretty user-friendly if it’s on my iPhone. I know the game is fairly short, so if I can finish it, I will start to play Limbo again, which also has an app apparently, to make some comparisons and see what’s up with the two games side by side. We all know I am technologically challenged in the video games department, so let’s not set our expectations too high. BUT — make no mistake y’all! I am excited.

Happy gaming, everyone! I hope to have an update on here next week :)




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Rosemary Pauley

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