Moving on in Life is Strange (Gaming Journal 4)

I am happy to report that I have finally finished the first episode of Life is Strange. YAY!

This feels like no small feat because I have not been enjoying my play time. I think that I addressed in my last post that playing the game feels like work, which I guess it is for this class, but I don’t feel connected to the game in a positive way. I still feel this way after completing the first episode, but I also think there is something to be said for the feeling of accomplishing/finishing/completing/being successful. I think that it’s kinda easy to get bored in Life is Strange or feel like the slower pace doesn’t lead you towards actually doing anything. The optional conversations with bystanders and the aimlessly wandering became a nuisance to me because I didn’t like the lack of direct paths to the finish.

The rewinding, while I understand that is pretty much the main gameplay function, felt tedious and confusing. At the end of the episode, I was getting confused about the events that had already happened and how my winding was placing me within the story. Like I think I said before, I might just not have the mental capacity for this kind of game and that’s okay. I’m still really interested in the art style and I am in awe of the brainpower it must have taken to create the game and all of its many possibilities and rewind outcomes. I am planning to continue on to the next episode for the sake of journaling and trying to keep up with the storyline. My confusion surrounding the environment/location of the characters and the actual power of rewinding is still prominent, but I also think that that might just be part of the experience. Maybe we aren’t meant to think so hard about logistics; just buy in.

Hopefully, I will check in next week with a better understanding of the plotline and some progress made in the second episode!



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