Rewinding: Working and Struggling Through Life is Strange (Gaming Journal 2)

Hey, guys! Welcome back to my gaming journal for Life is Strange. The last time we talked, I was still working on deciding if I needed to play the game on my phone or my laptop. I am now using the app to play through the first episode of the game. I don’t know if anyone else experienced issues downloading the app, but my phone seemed a little hesitant when I was initially trying to get the app. I had to stop the download and try it again before I could get it to work properly.

Once I had the game, I was having a little bit of trouble with understanding the controls and all of the parts of the game. I tend to get overwhelmed or frustrated with video games and that’s why I don’t really play them; Life is Strange very quickly overwhelmed me in this way. I was confused by the camera and the rewinding and the various dialogue choices. I also felt like the storyline got very intense very fast, so I was really surprised and thrown off. I found myself really enjoying the graphics of the game and watching it, but getting stressed by having to complete the tasks and interact with the right people or controls before time was running out. I honestly think I would enjoy the game a lot more if it was a TV show lol.

Now that I’ve finally gotten past the whole bathroom ordeal, I’m feeling a little better about the game. I just have to be patient and remind myself that it’ll be slow going because gaming is new to me. Keep an eye out for my next gaming journal where hopefully I will have gotten the hang of everything and be able to move farther through the game!




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Rosemary Pauley

Rosemary Pauley

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