Richard Barnfield is behind Door 10101

I’ve been having a hard time honing in on a project idea so I thought I would browse our course website and syllabus to get myself situated. I used a word cloud generator to complete one of the What’s Behind Door 10101 assignments and started to get inspired. For my wordcloud, I pasted in Sonnet 11, by Richard Barnfield, and a companion sonnet that I wrote to go along with it. I’ve been working with Sonnet 11 for another one of my classes, so it seemed like it might be an interesting collection of words to put into a generator, given that it was written during the Renaissance. I’m sure Richard Barnfield never would have guessed that his words would end up like this.

The poem is about two men. The speaker is in love with the other man, and the poem ends with the other man discovering that the speaker is attracted to him. In the poem I wrote, I wrote it from the other man's perspective and had him be secretly in love with the speaker, so they have both been secretly in love with each other and just now get to find out. I used the shape of a man for the wordcloud to depict this homosexual relationship. I chose pinks and reds to give off romantic vibes and depict love. I think there’s something really thought provoking about taking a poem from the Renaissance (that depicts homosexuality in a positive light) and placing it into an art form that is purely in existence because of the internet and digital technology.

Thinking about this brought me back to considering what I could do for my final project. I haven’t landed anywhere yet but I’m thinking about having people describe, through social media, texts that they are passionate about that existed before the internet. I’ll probably create some sort of digital art out of those results.

Anyways, this is just a little update about where I’m at as we near the end of the semester. I’m excited to see what I actually end up with for my project! I think it will be really fun!




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