Struggling Inside — Gaming Journal 4

As we approach the end of this semester, workloads and deadlines are getting a little crazy, so I apologize in advance for the chaos of my gaming journal. We’ve established before that it is difficult to sit down and play a game when it is an assignment, and it is also hard to sit down and play a game when it feels like there are a million other things that need to be done. This is only made worse by the fact that I simply don’t have the mental capacity or patience to play Inside. I have always been the kind of person that when something is difficult and I don’t catch on quickly, I just get mad and quit. I’m also not very good at problem solving without explicit prompts or previous experience, so Inside is just a massive struggle for me and I will not be finishing it before the end of this semester.

Here, sadly, is where I must admit that I depend on a playthrough to even make it through the game. Even then I get stuck on each little issue and then I rage. I rage because the pace of the character is absolutely infuriating; the little man runs SO SLOW and everything just takes too long. I also HATE the dogs because they make me overly anxious with their barking and they move too damn fast. I’ve also become somewhat unexcited about the scene designs too, as they switched from the moody nature to dystopian industrial settings. Don’t get me wrong, those are cool too, but it feels like I’ve been stuck inside of these bland factory things for 50 million years and I’m about sick of it. That being said though, the way that the game handles water is mesmerizing to me. I like it when the little man can swim, and, while it was frustrating, the whole section with the submarine was very visually interesting and had a sick sound design to go with it. I’m pretty sure I already talked about how much I like the game’s sound design (save the dog barking) and the scenes underwater are just stunning.

I like the absence of sound and the absence of constant music or melody. The music changes underwater, but not necessarily in an anxiety inducing way. I really appreciate that because aimlessly swimming around in water stresses me out, but the music almost has a calming or otherworldly effect that reminds me of when you go underwater and everything sounds different in your ears. I also just wasn’t expecting to encounter a submarine in the game, so I was pleasantly surprised by such a cool segment. I’m stuck mid submarine story right now, so I’ve had a lot of time to enjoy it, but I’m not sure what to expect next.

I also find the whole mind control helmet situation really interesting. I think I addressed it in another gaming journal, and I’m pretty sure I will focus on it for my close playing assignment because it is such a compelling and mysterious function in the game. I also don’t have any idea what happens at the end of the game, so I’ll have to think about the implications it has. In all honesty, I’ll probably end up just watching the playthrough all the way to the end after I write most of my close playing, because there is absolutely no way that I’m going to finish this game on my own. I’m actually excited to learn more about the game and compare my own limited conclusion to the whole experience.



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