The End of Life is Strange (Gaming Journal 6)

The time has finally come for me to cease my playing of Life is Strange. I can’t say that I’m sad.

When I first started to play Life is Strange, I really didn’t know what to expect. I had absolutely no knowledge about the plot, except for the fact that the main character was in college. I also knew that I, as the player, would have to make choices in order to advance through the game. I was quickly taken down a couple of pegs when I realized that I would have to complete tasks, not just choices, in order to play the game. With Max’s powers and the use of the camera, there were a lot more stimuli to absorb than I was prepared for. I quickly became frustrated with the act of playing the game and felt like the conversations between characters were too time-consuming. The game was essentially a chore.

I would say that I still hold these views about the game. Even after playing through two episodes, I am still not good at it. I am one of those people where if something doesn’t come easily or naturally to me, I get frustrated and drop it. I guess this gaming assignment has been a good exercise for me on that front, being that I couldn’t stop playing to give up even if I wanted to. In general, this process of a gaming journal has been more of a time for self-reflection than learning about a game, which I don’t think was Whalen’s intent, but still a valuable experience.

Due to me having the attention span of a baby squirrel and the workload of a senior who’s graduating early, I honestly can’t remember a lot about this game. Because I was often so frustrated with the process or slow pace, I would find myself zoning out and losing track of who I had talked to or what I was trying to do. That being said, I think there is something remarkable about the idea of a college-aged woman having the power to rewind. I think we can all agree that at this age, we often wish we could rewind or freeze time or have do-overs. There’s something magical and philosophical in that, and I think that has been the most interesting and mesmerizing aspect of my gaming experience.

I’m looking forward to leaving Life is Strange behind and moving on to (hopefully) better things. We’ll see.



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