Unstuck Inside — Gaming journal 3

Remember how I was stuck? I am unstuck ish!! I’ll pause for your applause.

Thank you, thank you!


Being stuck was already frustrating, but I became even more annoyed when I went to work on my metagame. Because I had only seen the woods through my gameplay, that’s about all I could go off of to make my metagame (which was inspired by Twilight, of course). I know from the trailer that there are a lot more industry and scenic changes throughout the game that I just haven’t seen yet, so having been stuck so early in the game, I was majorly guessing. I still think my metagame concept was funny and intriguing though, but that’s beside the point. I got past those dumb flashlight men and that’s what counts!

Speaking of the flashlight men, I think I was just having a hard time with the touchscreen controls. I’ve been playing on the app on my phone, not any kind of gaming console, so I definitely think that the control differences cause issues for me and make it harder to perform the actions that I need in order to escape/continue through the game. My first clue to this was when I realized how finicky the controls were when I was trying to move the refrigerator at the very beginning of the game. Physically moving objects can be hard because there are no buttons, and moving the character himself is also a bit difficult because all I can do is drag the little guy around and hope for the best when it comes to speed and evasion.

As I’ve gotten farther in the game, I wanted to talk about how interesting the sound design is! I really appreciate that it doesn’t have an unending theme song as many games have. I don’t think a theme like that would make sense because of how dark and heavy the game is, but I think I was still surprised by the absence of music. I almost forget the game even has sound sometimes, until I do something or find something that makes noise. The silence kind of keeps me on the edge of my seat too. I like the subtle noises of interacting with water or walking in a different way, and I also really like the mechanical sounds that come from surroundings.

I also find the mind-controlled people really interesting. The way that they walk is extremely unsettling and the weird brain connectors that you have to use really add to the mystery. I like the vibe of the industrialization commentary that the game has, but the lines of automated people are a lot more disturbing as the game goes on. Right now I’m trying to keep my place in line and trick the robotic flashlight thingy. It’s really difficult with the touchscreen controls, so I am taking a break out of frustration.

Overall though, I’m really appreciating how cinematic and intriguing the game is. I like that Inside has setting changes in a way that Limbo doesn’t. I’m looking forward to learning more about the mind-control plot. My brain keeps comparing them to the chum bucket helmets from the Spongebob movie, so let’s keep an eye out to see if this turns out anything like that. Here’s hoping!



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